Tips to Play Pacman

 Here are some tips to make playing Pacman much simpler: 

The most dangerous place in the labyrinth is the lower line, therefore, almost all the roads that I indicate below are very concerned about clearing it as soon as possible. Other very dangerous places in pacman online are the corners since the ghosts like to corner us and close our way to incarnate our teeth. On the contrary, the safest part of the labyrinth is the central zone (near the house of the ghosts) since there we can find multiple escape routes.

. The big points of the labyrinth allow us to eat the ‘coconuts’. Depending on the level at which we find the action of the big points will be higher or lower. When we eat one of these magic points, the ghosts turn blue and the head will go in the opposite direction to how they went before eating the point. Something very useful in the upper levels.

. At regular intervals, the ghosts will disperse and return to their respective corners, always following the same path.

.When they leave the house, the ghosts always go to their corner before going for Pacman.

. Using the tunnels can save our lives on more than one occasion to play pacman. We are much faster in them. If we use them at the end of the roads, we can gain much more time. It is very useful to know that if you follow the fantas and enter the tunnel to later eat the closest fat point (usually the one at the bottom), the ghosts will return to the tunnel and can swallow them without problems. 

One thing we must practice is to deceive the ghosts by quickly moving the lever in the opposite direction to which we want to go or anticipating our movement in an incorrect way to be able to mislead them more easily.

. Look into the eyes of the ghosts, their eyes always indicate the direction they will take in their next turn. 

The shuttlecock is always faster on a path clear of points. Use this trick to gain speed and escape danger.

. Ghosts can only make the exit paths of their house and the Pac-Man downward unless they are blue (because we have eaten a fat point).

. The secret refuge: there is a place in the labyrinth that can give us a respite offering us safe shelter. We must reach him when none of the ghosts are watching us. 
Once we have arrived we can reassure ourselves a little since the ghosts will not find us.The foregoing should only be applied when we fail to trace one of the roads explained below. In any case, if the roads are done correctly, we will not need to use the tunnels, tricks to confuse the ghosts and other tricks.

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