Now that the First Great Official Tournament of Counter Strike is approaching you cannot stop reading the definitive tricks of the experts to quickly become an annihilator in this game and ensure an expert participation in the competition, instead of creating a frustrating memory. You can download CS 1.6 from .

Tips to play Counter Strike better:

In a game like Counter Strike the main key is to be calm, walk without being noticed, hide in strategic places, locate the objectives and finish them quickly but cleanly, avoiding wasting bullets. Never shoot like crazy because they will surely kill you soon or you will run out of ammunition. If you despair, you lose!

  1. Do not move in large groups: If you want to move as a team do it in groups of 2 or 3 players, otherwise they will be easy prey if they are cornered and you throw bombs. It is good to have someone to cover you and help you to kill but it is difficult to move in large groups, and some may be a hindrance to move and visualize the scenarios instead of being a help.
  2. Shoot slowly: Do not leave the button pressed just because you have an enemy in front of you. Aim well and shoot calmly. Do not waste your bullets, there are many others to kill.
  3. Use your knife: When you are near an enemy it is best to use the knife, believe me, the bullets are not as effective up close.
  4. Do not stand still: Even when you shoot you must stay in one place or you will be easy prey for both your target and any other player that you see. Much less should you be still on stage, if someone catches you, you will be dismissed promptly from your arms race. Keep moving, so you will decrease or avoid the damage they can do to you.
  5. Difficulty crouch down: Although it seems silly, when someone corners you crouch down, the blast will not give you. You will surprise him and at that moment take the opportunity to flee or to counterattack outside his range.
  6. Extra ammunition: Never forget to buy extra ammunition.
  7. Hide: If you go you can only choose to find a closed place and wait hidden to weigh one by one the enemies and finish them.
  8. Point to the chest or neck instead of the head: Although illogical sound is more effective than pointing to something as tiny as the head, and since you will be in continuous movement is more likely to point to the chest also achieve at any given time of the confrontation give to the head, since it is close to the neck and chest. It’s the secret of Bleend’s aim , it does not really point to the head directly. You already know!
  9. Causes others: Send provocative messages to enemies that will make them lose concentration and keep them with their fingers on the keys trying to answer your offenses while you finish them. Obvious that the provocative messages must be short or the technique will revert against you.
  10. Weapons: Take your time selecting weapons, ammunition, and accessories. Be prepared so you do not have to return to the place of departure but take care not to spend all the money at once.
  11. Walk: Whenever you can, walk to avoid being detected, especially when there are few enemies left and the game becomes an act of hunting.

I hope the tips are useful and have a great performance in the tournament.

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