Fortnite for people who have never played: 10 keys to enjoy the game

If you want to start playing Fortnite it’s never too late, since it’s the most popular title of the moment and its fun can leave you trapped for many hours a week. So that you do not find it very difficult to enter Fortnite first, Fortnite coaches will give you 10 keys that you should not miss.

Fortnite is a real phenomenon nowadays, and it is attracting more and more new players who find themselves with many doubts, as is normal in a beginner. Well, for that distance with such experienced players is not so great, it is necessary that you read the following keys before playing Fortnite.

With these tips for beginners from Fortnite coaching  you will know everything you need so that no “pro” takes advantage of you, and try to last as long as possible in each of the games. At the beginning you will die a lot, but it is totally necessary for you to learn a series of concepts.

Fortnite for people who have never played: 10 keys to enjoy the game

Take advantage of the limited time on the initial island

While the game servers are waiting for the game to be filled with the 100 players, then take advantage of those few seconds on the island of appearance to practice your aim. It’s not that you’re going to have a lot of time, but at least you can practice shooting others in the head, even if you do not do anything to them.

No hurry to jump off the battle bus

One of the mistakes that rookies make is to throw themselves first from the battle bus. What you should do first of all is to think of an area where you think you can throw yourself and find a multitude of resources. It is clear that as an initial user you should avoid named places, and it is better to go to those less marked areas of the map where there are also resources.

First drink two small potions before going for the big one

When you have landed you will find many resources, and one of those can be those shield potions. There are both large and small, and ideally you drink two small followed by a large one. And is that once you have half of the shield achieved you can not drink the small ones, so follow the order that we have mentioned. Make sure you do not have any enemies nearby while you are drinking.

Assault or semi-automatic rifles are good weapons for beginners

Avoid the sniper rifle or bombs because you will not take advantage of them, and instead focus on assault rifles or semiautomatic as they have a good rate of fire, are very numerous and do not require much more mystery. Of course, for close confrontations it is better to use the shotgun that is also quite common at the time of finding it.

Pay attention to the scale of rarity

The colors of each of the weapons dictate the rarity of each of them. It is expected that at first you get a common assault rifle, but with the course of the game you can get a legendary. What you should keep in mind is that purple and orange weapons are the most powerful, while gray and green weapons are the most common.

If you can, play with headphones

Thanks to the headphones you can hear the footsteps and movements of other users. This is especially useful if you are in a building or in an area that seems silent, since with the headphones you will have a much sharper sound to know if you have a close rival and so be surprised.

Before healing, build a mini fortress

And when you get well in the game, you’ll be exposed to rivals for a few seconds. In this way it is essential that you build four walls around you, and you heal or use the bonfire. It will allow you during those few seconds to have no major difficulties or to be knocked down by someone because they are healing you.

There are fall damages over three floors

If the character falls from a considerable height, you will die. That is why you should be aware from what height you throw yourself normally, since if you overcome the three plants you will suffer damage and even death. If you ever fall from above you can always create a structure below you to mitigate the effect.

You must always be above your enemy

When it’s your turn to face your first opponents, always try to be above them as it is much easier to aim and hit on the head. For this you can use different stage structures, climb buildings or create structures in the form of a ramp.

Keep the inventory well organized

It is essential that you keep the inventory well organized with weapons on one side and bandages or potions on the other. When it comes to fighting in the middle of battle it will be easier for your mind to know that on the left of the inventory you have one thing and on the right you have another.

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