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Do you want to get the biggest black hole in the world? Stan’s Hacks have some tips and tricks that you will be able to replicate in a very easy way and thus conquer the planet earth with your black Hole.

The style of .io games

Your goal is to create the biggest black hole in the world while you’re eating the whole city, so the bigger you are, the more you can eat.

If you are one of the players who constantly lose because other players have eaten them, these tricks are for you. The guide contains tricks of high competitive level.

To play you can play it from your browser. You can also download it from the store of your mobile device.

Master the map of

As in all games .io, you must consume all the objects that are on the map, starting from the smallest to the largest.

The best way to grow is to go through the streets consuming lights and other small objects that are in the streets.

The most important points in the beginning will determine the late game, so try to consume the maximum number of points at the beginning. It suits you to eat everything small to grow faster, ignore the other players.

The best place to farm is the park , here you will find people and many fences, lampposts, trees, houses and much more, so the park will be a great source of points at the start of the game.

The car parks and zones

If you want to dominate the game in a middle stage of the game go to the area where cars circulate and park, that’s where you can find enough cars to grow the black hole quickly.

If you gobble up cars in the middle stage of the game, it will be much easier from here to gobble up other players, this is where your game should stand out from the others. If you manage to gobble a player, you will have a more than significant advantage.

Gobble buildings

With a good size, you will not have any problem swallowing all the buildings you see in the area, this will allow you to have even more advantage than other players. If you eat the buildings, they will give you 4 points for each building, one point more than the cars. Keep gobbling everything you can.

The last minutes of departure

If you have followed the guide that we have detailed, you will have a size more than considerable, you will be able to finish with most of the players of the map and with luck, you will be of the biggest ones. Remember that when swallowing a player you will be taking competition from above. In these minutes of game you should eat any user you find smaller, because the reward is quite high.

The Ranking

If you have proven to be skillful in, you will be compensated with stars, each game you play according to the position you will earn points:

  • 20 points for the first position
  • 10 points for the second position
  • 5 points for the third position
  • 2 points for being between the fourth and fifth position
  • 1 point for being between 6 and 7 best.

When you get up to 50 points, you will unlock a new rank, with which you can demonstrate the skill within the field of play.

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