How to get prizes by playing games

Let’s be honest – when we have a hobby or passion and we do it well, we usually would like to be able to earn money or get rewards on it. We know very well that you can earn money on sport, being an artist and many other things – but can you win prizes when our passion is to play video games? It turns out that yes – if you do not believe it, it means that you do not know Bananatic portal yet!

Is playing a worse passion than a “traditional” hobby “?

Many people speak negatively about computer games or consoles because they have no idea that playing games has many advantages. It allows you to develop imagination, teaches quick decision making, and many games also teach us how to interact in a team, which is important today in the labor market – it is difficult to work in a corporation and not be able to get along with other people! That is why we think that playing games is a great passion that develops our thinking. We do our best to promote good, valuable games, and at the same time reward players who are really good at what they do. The role of Bananatic is not only to provide thousands of people from Poland (and beyond) entertainment, but also to destroy stereotypes about players. Playing with us, you get a lot: access to the gaming community, the best free games and … the chance to get valuable rewards!

How to play to win?

We all know that there are a lot of web sites on the Internet that promise us that if we only register and deposit money, we can get real wealth, rewards or win money. It is understandable that we are cautious and even a little distrustful – no one wants to fall prey to deceit. However, the Bananatic portal is guided by the principle of integrity – our users have already won prizes of a total value of PLN 548 614! You can also win skins for CS: GO, top-up for games or the highest quality players’ equipment. All you need to do is create an account with us – which is completely free – and … you’ll be playing available games. For gaining next levels, developing your character and other achievements in games you will receive “virtual money”, called … bananatics. You can later go to our “store” and exchange funds for the rewards you dream about. There is no limit to how many prizes you can get – just play, earn bananatics and … visit our “store”!

Our community is always open

Thanks to Bananatics you can meet many other people who love to play games. Here you will find a forum where you can discuss with others and where you will find tips for games that you like. You can also write your game reviews – many of them are new games that do not have fans in the world yet. You have a chance to be one of the first! You also get bananatics for such activities – it’s worth being an active member of our community. Often you can also win prizes by taking part in competitions that are on our fanpage on Facebook – so you should follow it and give it a “like”!

Bananatic is a place that has never been on the Internet so far. Use the opportunity to earn rewards by doing what we like the most!








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