Esports is emerging as a spectator sport and a frequently progressing industry. Competitive egaming has become a billion-dollar industry and spanning all around the world. The game developers typically encourage the esports scene to bolster it by hosting game tournaments, inviting sponsors, and paying salaries to the players. Mostly esports function in many ways similar to traditional sports such as basketball and baseball.

Know how to Esports:

Esports is a kind of imposture of traditional games. It mimics traditional sports in many ways such as implementing the same formats, rules and regulations, and players’ contracts. For example League of Legends (LOL) is the most popular esports in the world.

The popularity of Esports in short time:

It is a rapidly growing industry and these video games have spawned their competitions. It has grown very quickly and from CocaCola to ESPN and NAB, everyone is covering the esports arena directly or via sponsorships. Egames are heating the scenario as a total of 71million dollars is the payout for the top 10 biggest esports.

The Esports tournaments attract millions of fans and online viewers and the numbers are increasing massively.

Health benefits of Esports:

We all know that playing physical sports is a healthy activity. But the benefits of esports are really surprising:

  • As games have a constantly changing environment that needs to be focused and intense attention that is why it has proven by some researches that egames could help people to overcome the DYSLEXIA problem.
  • Some genre games encourage leadership traits and esports players display a motivation correlated to it in their real-world also. It means video games help to make great leaders.
  • According to a study, egames can also slow down the aging problem.
  • Esports is also helpful in distracting the attention towards pain and emotional trauma.
  • Online multiplayer games connect people with the same interests and generate social connections.
  • Video games are also helpful to improve balance in Multiple Sclerosis patients.
  • These games also reduce stress, improve decision-making skills, and also helpful to address autism.
  • Esports is producing better surgeons also as the e gamers are far better for small incisions.
  • Playing video games could pique the player’s interest in history also because many games use actual historical events to make their storyline.
  • Video games like (Virtual reality)VR-gaming promote a whole-body level of interaction. This kind of esports lead to physical activities and games make kids more active.
  • Esports also improves critical thinking because esports and competitive gaming need mass information do processing and analyzing, and all this procedes to split-second decisions.

The rate at which esports is growing; this industry is going to surpass most of the small games shortly. The future of esports is getting brighter and brighter with every passing day.

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