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Shooting game is a genre favored by gamers around the world. Many game companies have achieved great success with this game genre, of which Gameloft is indispensable. Gameloft has made a name for themself by launching the ultimate shooter series Modern Combat, and it is widely welcomed by the public. In order to continue that success, they are now launching a similar version of the shooter game, N.O.V.A Legacy.

N.O.V.A is a shooting game that has been around for a long time. However, this game has been gradually forgotten, because there are many other games with beautiful graphics and more engaging gameplay. Gameloft has turned N.O.V.A Legacy into the best new version for mobile platforms, and it is now available to users. Players can download this game easily on Google Play.

The context of N.O.V.A. Legacy

The game N.O.V.A Legacy is set in the future of the war on the galaxy between humans on earth and groups of alien monsters. In the game, you will play the character Kal Wardin. Kal Wardin is a retired veteran, ordered to return to the Colonial army to lead the army to fight space monsters.

With the support of new generation artificial intelligence agents, YelenaKal Wardin has opened up a fierce confrontation between the two sides. Kal is tasked with chasing monsters to protect the peace of humanity, and find the secret behind their invasion of earth. The game will have a total of 19 missions that are set, the player’s job is to complete each of these tasks in the best way. When fighting, the fictional character will be equipped with the most advanced weapons, a wide-ranging battle map and PvP multiplayer feature. Then players will combine with each other to fight. The sci-fi FPS style leaves moments of intense and thrilling combat, but at the same time there are also moments of unforgettable fun.

In addition to the bloody battles on the battlefield, players can also participate in fighting in the simulation arena. Your opponents are super giant robot machines. Kal, with the great support of the veteran army of N.O.V.A, will fight fiercely on the battlefield to protect peace for mankind.

Diverse game modes with many skills

The game N.O.V.A Legacy has 3 extremely attractive game modes. The game modes have increasing difficulty. Besides, the game modes with different gameplay modes make you not bored, and create a desire to conquer all levels of the game. The first mode is the story, where people will together find out the plot hidden deep inside of the army of monsters when attacking the earth. There are 19 sci-fi FPS missions that will deliver the most intense and eye-catching gun battles. The second mode is the night event, with the mission of defeating the army of the Irish special campaign. The special campaign mode launches the attack of alien monsters on a large scale.


Besides N.O.V.A Legacy version provided by the publisher Gameloft SE, we will bring you the modified version of this game. N.O.V.A Legacy mod will change a little bit, so players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. Normally, you will have to overcome a lot of levels to get more money. Instead, in N.O.V.A Legacy mod, you are given a lot of money to spend as you like. You can buy all the things in the shop as you like without worrying about the price because they are free. N.O.V.A Legacy mod helps you save a lot of time and costs in the game. Along with N.O.V.A Legacy mod possesses for themselves the most powerful weapons and conquer all challenges in the game.

Experience shooting on virtual battlefield

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The famous experiences of the previous shooter will be updated and upgraded in N.O.V.A Legacy mod. Moments of gaming on mobile FPS platforms will attract participants in each confrontation. The task of improving the weapon system by collecting gift cards and sniper rifles with precise targeting, allowing players to go through the task easily. The 3D graphic design is preserved from the previous version, bringing the familiar and undeniable vibrancy of Legacy.

Experience the ultimate shooting skills

A lot of shooting skills have been integrated in this game’s release. Death battle, be the last survivor of the battle and do everything you can to not get stuck between two bullets. Death squad, in team confrontation be a good gunman through each bullet. The used guns are highly sought after on the market today. Besides, remember to upgrade the armor core to increase firepower for the gun and bring more advantages for you. Reviewing the finishers in terms of the viewer, those who got shot … Outstanding design

N.O.V.A Legacy is designed on a beautiful 3D platform. This is also the highlight of the game to bring a new feeling, helping players have an objective view of the vast universe. With many amazing skills, the creator gave the player the most realistic virtual feeling while playing. Diverse visuals, spatial landscapes and harmonious colors create a shooter world that is somewhat mesmerizing. The plot is built perfectly coherently to every detail that always makes the player happy. In addition, the system of weapons equipment, character clothing, jewelry … is modeled after the real life version.


N.O.V.A Legacy is not just an ordinary entertaining game. In addition to entertainment, it also helps players practice thinking, analyzing and handling situations. Thereby, players also discover a lot of modern combat weapons, and use this skill in other games. Hopefully the new upgrades in this version will bring users satisfaction with the previous N.O.V.A series. Gameloft’s success has been demonstrated through two games that are warmly welcomed by players, including N.O.V.A Legacy. Download this famous game type right now to experience exciting gaming moments together!

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