Tips and tricks to start playing Black Desert: understanding your world

After talking the other day about Black Desert and receiving several messages about how complicated it is to enter this ambitious title, I include this text with some small tips to start playing and get the most out of the first bars. Go ahead that I am not an expert in the game and I only have a few days, but I think it can help you to solve some doubts after Buy Black desert online. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the community, which is very nice.

First steps in Black Desert

The first thing to understand in your first Black Desert game is that it is impossible to capture all the complexity of your world in a few hours. Forget about reading all the information if you do not want to go crazy and get carried away in the first combat missions to understand your world, your inventory system, how to level up, the mission tree and so on. After becoming your character – calm, you can make up to six different ones and change your appearance at any time – they will start a series of combat-based missions with a style pulling musou for the agility and ease of it.

At this point, it is best to adapt the screen to our needs. As advice, go to options and delete the chat messages and others to have a clean screen if you are going to play alone, remove that they can send you messages and whispers if you want to start at your own pace, and eliminate the guide of unnecessary arrows and any type of guide, using to know where to go the minimap. From the menu that gives you access to options you can also access the command shortcuts and modify them; to the mission tree to activate or deactivate your desire; to the character profile and skills, which we can increase as we level up, and to the inventory, which does not use a weight system, but a box system. Finally, you can access the action rings -4 in total- and customize access to gestures, tools, combat skills, etc. Finally, if you play on Xbox One X remember to activate 4K UHD.

Starting to play

Once you get familiar with the menu and the shortcuts, it’s time to start playing. The first missions are fine, but soon it tires so much fight. It is time to access the mission tree and activate the ones we want to do or all of them, being able to choose between combat, profession, knowledge and much more . With all activated missions we will reach the first town, where if we follow the different missions by profession we will soon learn to mine stones, hunt and skin animals, cook, manage homes, trade, fish, care for our saddle, etc. Once again go slowly, without hurry, reading each tutorial well and taking the time it takes to learn.

It should be noted that even so some actions are not very clear, so, for example, when you go fishing first you will need to equip a rod as if it were a weapon – you get it at the docks -, throw the hook into the water, and wait patiently to see a fish appear on the head of the character. Then we press the action button twice, wait for an attempt meter to come out and let the first one pass, the second, and the third press the action button as close as we can to the blue mark on the success bar. Regarding other activities such as mining, cooking, cutting or skinning animals, it is necessary to have the necessary tools for this. Go fulfilling missions and they will be given to you by the instructors, or else, look for the town’s saleswoman and buy them with your money.

Understanding the world of Black Desert

Black Desert is tremendously ambitious, and as such, first, it is disturbing. To understand your world you have to understand that it is a shared scenario, and that as such many of the resources we can have them in timeshare or even rent. Thus, even if we buy a house and use it for storage, fish tanning, tailoring, accommodation or whatever, we will be sharing it for the good of the people with other players, they will also own that property, giving it a different use. The only thing that is ‘ours’, although it is also shared, is the residence, which we can customize and where we can rest, get improvements and make use of the workshops, alchemy tables and kitchens that we have bought and with which we furnish our home.

Something similar occurs with trade, since in addition to traditional stores we will have the possibility of linking trade nodes to open new options for buying, obtaining resources, collecting money and improving the situation and prices in the area . In these possibilities all the players collaborate, coming into play the brotherhoods and their members, to which we can belong at any time if we have their approval and who can govern the different cities and towns of Black Desert.

For now, play

All this first is tremendously complicated, so, as I said at the beginning, it is best to start playing and gradually understand the world. After the fight, learn to do basic activities and start scratching the deep lore of Black Desert, it is best to tinker in traditional stores and inns in the area to learn to buy, sell and talk. For the latter, very necessary if we want to like people and get better prices and tell us their secrets, we need to investigate the world and increase our knowledge. The more we know, the easier it is to talk and arouse the interest of the NPCs in a mini-game in which we will place this knowledge to carry out an interesting conversation that increases the confidence of the villagers and sellers.

This system will help us access better mounts, better boats, better furniture and best of all with their corresponding vendors, who will explain how the stable system, the docks and so on. Finally, Black Desert uses a quadruple purchase and share system. On the one hand we have normal silver, which we get in the game and used to buy in stores. On the other, we have the energy, which is used in conversations and actions and that sometimes we must invest to improve our crops, obtain rumors or build things. Thirdly, we have a special type of currency that we use to invest in nodes or obtain houses. Finally we have the real money, that of the pocket, which gives access to the Pearl store where you get better elements and advantages. Fortunately, we can achieve these same advantages and elements temporarily with the rewards that Black Desert gives for playing, and here we must recognize that Pearl Abbyss is very generous and does not stop giving us gifts for any achievement.

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