HonorBound Lets You Flex Your Fantasy Muscles

HonorBound is the newest fantasy game from App Holdings. Take a break, a holiday, a respite from your everyday life to spend some time in this wondrous realm of magic and adventure. It is a game to be experienced rather than merely played. If you love role-playing action, if you enjoy the feeling of a game that has a story behind it, then you will love HonorBound.

Honor, courage, and commitment are values that seem to have disappeared from the contemporary world. The pursuit of material success has emptied us all of those higher and nobler values; the kind of ideals and principles that once turned ordinary men into kings and mere foot soldiers into masters of the world. There is no shame in wanting to experience, if only for a little while, what it feels like to live for something greater than yourself, to pit your wit and fortitude against an unknown and unseen enemy, and to come out victorious and much celebrated.

HonorBound gives you the chance to live out this fantasy on the screen. It makes demands on your intellectual and moral reserves, and compels you to make alliances and to exercise leadership in a quest to challenge, confront, and destroy the powers of evil.

The game is set in a world called HonorBound. For generations the inhabitants of this realm have lived in peaceful co-existence. But recently there has emerged an evil and sinister force that has plunged it into darkness.

You get to choose the kind of hero you want to be. In your mission to rid HonorBound of evil, you can make your avatar a warrior, rogue, wizard, cleric, or knight. One of the more interesting innovations of the game is that you can assemble everything from a small team to a large army to join you in your quest.

The game unfolds like a true tale. Unlike most games in which a sole hero is posited against an insuperable number of agents of evil, HonorBound allows you to make alliances with others. You can find and tame a magical beast, choose a battle-hardened fellow warrior, select a conjuring wizard who is able to use his powers to advance the cause or a rough and nimble rogue who has some skill or ability that will come in handy. You have the option of sticking with a small and disciplined force of heroes or expanding your little expeditionary force into a sizeable army.

Along the way you will confront dragons, ogres, and orcs. You will be able to harness five different mystical elements, including fiery Terra, wild Primal, celestial Lunar, pure Spirit, and the unknown Abyss. You can make the choice to engage in epic battles and to capture the loot afterwards—loot that you can then use to strengthen your army.

HonorBound is unique in the flexibility it gives you to customize not only the size of your army, but also the strategy that you pursue. As the journey unfolds, you may realize the need to change tactics and the entire direction that you are going. The game makes it possible for you to adapt to different conditions, so that you stay a step ahead of the enemies trying to defeat you.

Superior graphics also sets HonorBound apart from other fantasy games. The distinguishable features of each character are sharp; the battle scenes are vivid and engaging; the background and elements are convincing; and the special effects give you the thrills and anticipation that you want in this kind of game.

HonorBound is free to download and play. The game supports English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese. It includes a wide range of characters—thousands of them—for you to capture, befriend, and make into allies. All the characters are 100% animated. The game can be played on your mobile phone or tablet, with no reduction in the quality of the graphics. It is wonderfully scored by the same artist who created the music for HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Over 3 million people have downloaded HonorBound. It is one of the fastest growing games on the web. It has attracted people from all over the world who enjoy the magic, mystery, and adventure of this wonderful game.

Check out HonorBound  Android on the Google Play Store or iOS on the Apple App Store .

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