Just Because a Job in Video Game Testing Means You Can Wear Your Pajamas Doesn’t Mean You Can Wear Them to an Interview!

You wouldn’t believe the number of video game testers that have their applications discarded before they have even had a chance to answer the first interview question.

The main problem is that applicants arrive at the interview in a casual manner reflecting the environment they hope to work in. As you can imagine, this isn’t the type of attitude that an interviewer is looking for.

For tips to project the right attitude, read our tips below.

What are you wearing?

If you planned to wear a snappy tie with your favorite video game or comic book character printed prominently on it or perhaps a pair of suspenders with Klingon printed on them then I’m afraid that you are in for a shock. Or should we say, a stun. Get it?!

How you look is not a platform to tell the interviewer who your favorite superhero is. It’s your platform to tell the interviewer that you understand the required level of professionalism required inside any office, and you can adapt to and respect it.

If all you have are themed clothing items, the Groupon Coupons page for Kate Spade is going to be your best place to start. Stick with plain items that look smart and sharp. Steer away from bright colors and patterns. Interviewers want to focus on you, not your outfit.

Don’t Tell Them That They Need to Make Better Video Games

Interviewers already know what their company needs to do; they just need to hear you say it to make sure you can understand their challenges. Remember, gone are the days where companies wanted coding drones; nowadays tech companies not only want but need employees at all levels who possess critical thinking skills and market awareness.

When they ask what you see to be their future challenges, don’t’ tell them about how they need to adapt their system to display 4K graphics. Instead, tell them about the industry adoption rate and consider the timing of change to take advantage of lower component prices once the market is a little more flooded.

Don’t just tell them what they need to do, tell them why they need to do it.


It’s just like Frankie said, and it’s good advice to take on before an interview. However, it’s more than just waiting five minutes before you open the door. Instead, plan to arrive at the interview an hour early. With the time that you have beforehand, visit a nearby coffee shop or park where you can sit to collect your thoughts.

This is also your last chance to make sure that you look your best and aren’t letting your nerves shine through on your face.

It is no secret that interviews are not a fun task, and game testing interviews are no different. However, these are three great tips that can help you to stick out in a positive way when it comes time for an interview.

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