Should you get the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch has a mired of games lined up for release in 2018 that you’d be wondering what to get. If you own one, then you can consider this an exciting year for you. However, if you’re thinking of getting one, here’s a checklist for you to confirm it’s for you. By the end, you’ll know if other game consoles are for you.

You love their games

The company launched the Switch with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in March last year. Since then, the game has remained a hit. The purchase of the console had exceeded 10 million in the first nine months after release, an indication of how popular it is. After the release, the games kept coming: Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 among other the most popular, and with names like Donkey Kong, Nintendo Labo, Pokémon and Metroid Prime are some of the titles expected to launch them in the coming months.

You want to take it with you- anywhere

Any gamer knows this is a dream come true. The gaming device is quite portable because it comes with a built-in screen with the Joy-Con controllers having the ability to attach on the sides. This flexibility, though it can make you quite antisocial, is quite impressive.

You’re into indie games

As Nintendo likes to call them, Nindies have been available pretty much since the release, and there’s been a steady stream of them at that. Vita was initially at the top when it came to playing indie games, but this company is taking over. From the eShop, you can get games like Golf Story, Shovel Knight and Thumper only to name a few. Get a microSD card to save the downloadable options.

You import games

Before this, Nintendo only allows you to play games from your region. The Switch allows you to import games from anywhere in the world and play without a hitch. The neat thing is that you can import your console from a country that sells them cheaper and still play American games on it.

The Nintendo switch is not for you if-

You’re a sucker for graphics. If you like your games in full HD, this 720p resolution console won’t do your gaming justice. Another reason you may likely opt out is the battery life. Depending on the game, the juice can last between 2-6 hours. That duration almost, though not entirely, eliminates the idea of playing it on-the-go. You may have to limit it to short trips or select a game that won’t use up all the battery fast.

The cost of the accessories is quite high compared to a PS4 or an Xbox. You’re also not able to chat with your friends during multiplayer games; you have to rely on a mobile app to do that.

Final take

You want a console that gets your mind off difficult things like relationships or a random tax relief CRA service. Whatever you chose, it can only mean good things.

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