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I consider myself a videogame stalemate and I always like to have in my browser favorites some good website such as https://www.brightestgames.com/cricket-games that gives me the ability to play online and free at any time and place. That is why today I come to reveal one of my favorite websites as far as Free Games is concerned.

I will not go around the matter, my recommendation as to a simple, fast and easy website to hit you online games is daily brightestgames.com, neither more nor less.
Surely many of you already know it well, it is one of the pioneer websites in terms of internet games and we have to go back to 2004 which is when this project came to light.

What can we find in brightestgames.com?

Well, nothing less than more than hundreds of games ready to enjoy from your web browser, with a multitude of themes for all tastes.
From ideal action games to generate adrenaline to cubes, to skill games (my favorites) much quieter but devilishly addictive.

Racing, soccer, card games, cricket games and classic games for the most nostalgic are available. But you can always let yourself go and check on the cover the most played games among its thousands of visitors (this gives you the security of finding good games) or discover the latest developments that have uploaded to the web at a glance.

By the way, they have an option that is much appreciated and is that of “FAVORITE GAMES”. This allows us to add as favorites those games that we find on the web and we will always have them click on the cover without the need to remember names, search or things like that. We simply go to the favorite games tab and find all our favorites.

What do I need to play?

To play you only need a web browser, this allows you to play both from a personal computer (PC) and from a phone or tablet.
It also has many more advantages, for example if you play from a phone you will not occupy the precious memory by installing games, in daily games you enter from the browser and you start playing whatever you want. For this reason, online gaming portals are living their golden age again.

Although a few years ago virtually all online games needed the Flash plugin to work, for a few years this is no longer necessary with the most current games, they are fully compatible with the browser and allow us to play directly and perfectly.

The best online soccer games, and totally free

If you are a lover of sports games and especially football, you should not miss the section dedicated to this sport that you will find on the web. Nothing less than more than 500 games both online and for PC that will provide you with hours and hours of fun without limits.

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