Different Alternatives to Learn CS:GO

There are trainings that will awaken and advance your Skill and others your knowledge: it is essential to work both as a player who has an incredible skill will never serve anything if he is always in the wrong place to defend or to attack. The opposite is also true: to arrive in the back of someone without succeeding to kill it in less than 2 seconds is useless. CSGO smurf accounts are also available on internet and can be bought cheaply. Following are few alternatives for CSGO training.

The deathmatch:

The most popular training, the deathmatch is to walk on a map and kill everything that moves. Your goal here is to turn off your brain and work your reflexes by thinking only of the head and nothing but the head: avoid killing your opponents by emptying your charger and DO NOT TAKE THIS MAUDIT AWP IN DEATHMATCH (he there are real trainings for that). The best is even to play with music history to make the moment more friendly and relaxed. Never rage during a deathmatch, because if you rage in training, you are sure to rage in a competitive match (which is not good). Aim the heads chase the kills and do not rage that a guy kills you in the back, it’s just not luck. Blow a good blow and chase on another set of kills.

Occasional / casual parties:

Here, no music, and the brain must be turned on and fully functional: your goal is also to make kills, but in a smarter way. These are often games in 10 VS 10 and your goal is to make the most kills without dying. This is the best way to know a map since you will find many campers who will learn without knowing what the biggest kites to check systematically are. It also learns timings of rushes and meeting points of a map.

Shooting training maps:

Another technique very famous for training: downloading maps … training (hard to guess is not it!)

My favorite is Training_Aim_CSGO2 which allows you to get hold of all the weapons and perform several exercises. It also provides you Csgo accounts in free.

This map is very useful to warm up 10 minutes before a competitive game:

  • Launch the map and launch the basic exercise “Fast Aiming” which will shoot you 25 targets.
  • If you have more than 20 targets out of 25: you are good for the next step. If you are under 20, something is wrong. Repeat the exercise at least once and if you are still below 20, ask yourself these questions: poor sensitivity? Vertical synchronization enabled (should always be disabled)? Acceleration of the activated mouse (it must always be disabled)?
  • Then, same exercise except that you have to set the number of targets to 100 from the control panel: so you have to try to chopper as many targets as you can. The score you will get will give you a percentage of your accuracy. I advise you to try again until you reach 70% accuracy before starting a game.

Pomegranate training maps:

No need to make a novel: you now know the importance of grenades, and you must work hard to master the smokes that will allow you to gain an advantage over your opponents. These maps are available on the Workshop.

Multiplayer game modes of training:

Thanks to the advent of the Workshop, many multiplayer training maps are now played on CS: GO. There are many types that should help you find your happiness.

For my part, I much like game servers in mode 1 VS 1 allowing you to progress in the duels. AWP servers are also a good way to progress to the AWP (that you will not play in deathmatch mode anymore!)

Other training techniques:

  • Team training: training in team allows to develop team play and is essential for pro players: the pros have almost all the same skill, what makes the difference is their knowledge of the game and their team play.
  • Watch the pro games: nothing more than training to watch the best of a sport to progress
  • Specialized Steam Guide: If my Steam guide is great (yes, I’m launching flowers) to have a general point of view, it’s also important to read specialized guides to fill your gaps.

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