League of Legends Is Quite Popular Among the Masses

When League of Legends was released in 2010, it had a completely different model than the other games on the market. Players would buy a game with a flat fee. Some games were available for a monthly subscription. They charged players for server costs. But to give away a game for free was an alien concept. By then mobile games were getting popular. Some of them just as Candy Crush claimed to be free of cost but in reality they fell under the ‘pay to win’ category. Players who invested in the game got unfair advantage over the other players in the game. Let’s look at some reason behind why is lol so popular.

The team of the League of Legends made sure that players would not have any unfair advantage by investing money in the game. You can invest money in the game. There is a currency called Riot points. Players can have that currency in exchange with real cash. Players can use this currency to unlock new champions. But you can unlock all these champions by just playing and moving forward in the game. This makes lol different.

It is widely popular because you don’t have to spend money to try it out. You don’t need spend a few bucks to try this game to see whether you like it or not. You can play a few matches to check without any cost.

Competitive Play

Another reason for its popularity is its ranked mode. When players climb up the ranked ladder, they feel like achieving something. Players are rewarded for improving as player. Toxicity and frustration involved in solo queue is the result of passion and competitiveness. You have to move up the ladder because you never get out of the reach of other professional players. If you are lucky and have worked hard, you can reach the height of League of Legends that is the Challenger. Challengers are the best players. You can play with and against pro players of the game.

Short games

The average timing of a game in the League of Legends is 35 minutes. You can play it before going to bed.

Option of Playing with friends

It becomes more fun when you are playing with your friends with the help of multiplayer option. You can easily bring your friends into the game. All the players can gather up in a premade lobby. They create a team which competes with other ranked teams. It is quite easy to make friends. There are players who prove to be abusive but there also are players with whom you can become social and friendly. If you are playing in the support or marksman position, it is a great way to bond with another player. This bonding can result in friendship. You can add each other to play together. This social kind of experience inside the game keeps the environment alive. It never let players get bored. It keeps the game fresh.

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