NBA 2K21 – Throwback Moments: Northwest Collection

NBA 2K21 MyTeam has just rolled out another Throwback Moments collection. This particular installment features players from the Northwest division. The items capture some of the most famous basketball players at key moments in their careers. There are six cards in the collection. Five of them are found when opening packs obtained from the store. The reward card is acquired when you add all the players in this collection to your MyTeam roster.

John Stockton is a now-retired player that is remembered for his long term career with the Utah Jazz team. He was drafted by this team in 1984 and was with them until he retired from playing in 2003. His Throwback Moments: Northwest collection card has 96 OVR with 89 outside scoring, 94 playmaking, 87 defending, 64 inside scoring, 90 athleticism, and 41 rebounding. The position of this card is point guard/shooting guard. LaMarcus Aldridge represents the Portland Trail Blazers. He started his NBA career in 2006 with this team and was with them until 2015. His card has the center/power forward position. The OVR is 95 and the stats are 92 outside scoring, 73 playmaking, 82 defending, 89 inside scoring, 86 athleticism, and 94 rebounding. Tom Chambers is a well-known player that was with the Seattle SuperSonics from 1983 until 1988. Chambers has a 94 OVR card with 90 outside scoring, 62 playmaking, 79 defending, 88 inside scoring, 85 athleticism, and 92 rebounding. His position is point forward/small forward. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf is part of the Throwback Moments: Northwest collection too. His item card comes with 92 outside scoring, 64 inside scoring, 88 playmaking, 86 athleticism, 70 defending, and 35 rebounding. The card has 91 OVR with the point guard/shooting guard position. Corey Brewer’s item card depicts him wearing the Minnesota Timberwolves uniform. He began his NBA career in 2007 when he was drafted by this team. He was with them until 2011. His card has 89 OVR with 72 outside scoring, 78 playmaking, 85 defending, 67 inside scoring, 88 athleticism, and 74 rebounding. Jack Sikma is the reward for completing the collection. The player is representing the Seattle SuperSonics, a team he was part of between 1977-1986. His card is a 96 OVR item with the center/power forward position and 92 outside scoring, 81 playmaking, 85 defending, 87 inside scoring, 86 athleticism, and 93 rebounding.

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