Some of the easy way to integrate a new payment method

Quick and easy activation

Adding payment methods is a delicate and complicated process that requires companies to establish both a contractual and an operational relationship with the payment service, which can take weeks. This implies in particular, but not only, a preliminary audit, the examination of the technical characteristics or the negotiation of the commercial conditions and the transfers. Stripe’s goal is to simplify this process so that businesses can quickly add and grow payment methods without going through all of these steps every time. Stripe users just need to go to their Stripe dashboard to activate the payment methods they want to add. This avoids individual activation processes, file review times and painful contractual negotiations. This enables companies to use their software and business development resources more efficiently. Simplified activation is particularly interesting for platforms and marketplaces who wish to give their “sellers” access to several means of payment: each seller benefits from the same simplified activation.

The easiest way to integrate a new payment method

Taking charge of new payment methods is associated with numerous high risk merchant account providers and great complexity. This is particularly true if each payment method requires integrating either a new API or a new payment service provider. To reduce the risks and complexity associated with technical integration, our payment APIs support all payment methods through a single API. This means that companies benefit from a unique development infrastructure that allows them to easily adapt their support for payment methods. Thus, the addition of a new payment method requires minimal intervention and modifications which are sometimes limited to the addition of a single line of code, which allows companies to achieve a simple, fluid, rapid integration. Develop and easy to maintain, regardless of the payment methods to be integrated.

Unified monitoring, reporting and transfers for all payment methods

Regardless of the payment method used, payments appear uniformly in the Stripe Dashboard, greatly simplifying operational management and facilitating financial reconciliation. This allows businesses to set up standardized processes for day-to-day activities like order fulfillment, customer support, and refunds. These payment methods are also compatible with other Stripe products, so you can activate them as part of subscriptions or a Connect platform. Thus, with Stripe Connect, the fact that the platforms allow members of their marketplace to access different means of payment while maintaining control over their registration experience is an undeniable advantage.


Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB) are the most widely used means of payment in the world. Credit cards are issued by banks to allow customers to make a deferred payment and be debited at a later date to avoid additional charges. Customers can accumulate a debit balance, subject to interest. Debit cards offer the convenience of card payment, but are attached to a bank account, from where funds are directly debited from that account at the time of payment.

Visa and MasterCard are the two largest card networks in the world. Each operates exclusively as a payment system and does not issue cards directly to consumers. Instead, they allow banks and financial institutions to distribute their cards. American Express is also a payments system which, unlike Visa and MasterCard, issues its own cards for its customers. American Express is suitable for high-end consumers because the average shopping cart is higher than that of Visa or MasterCard holders.

Klarna offers several payment options that give customers more flexibility in when they pay for their purchase. If a customer chooses to use Klarna to pay for a purchase, the business is paid immediately by Klarna, and Klarna assumes the risk of having to refund the payment.

There are three different ways to pay for a transaction with Klarna: Pay Later, Pay Now and Slice It. Businesses can choose to offer one, two or all three of these options to customers. With Klarna, a transaction can be settled in three different ways: Pay Later, Pay Now and Slice It. Businesses can choose to offer their customers one, two, or all of these three options.

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