The best free soccer games to play right now

FIFA may be by far the most important soccer game at the moment, but it is not necessary to spend money to enjoy virtual football. In fact, fans have many options with many football games available online for free on Let’s review the ones we like the most:

  1. Soccer Star

In Soccer star, it is your job to take your created character to the top of world football by playing games, developing skills and living the lifestyle of a professional footballer. The gameplay, which on phones is focused on guiding passes and shots accurately, works in conjunction with a text comment system, and there are many off-field activities to keep you busy as well. Star Soccer has proven to be particularly popular on mobile devices and tablets in recent years, and the game underwent an impressive review of 3D graphics in 2016.

  1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 LITE

If you are not sure if you should get on the PES 2018 car, this is your best option. The download is free. It is available on Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Steam. It also allows players to spend an unlimited amount of time with the myClub, PESLeague, Training and Exhibition modes of the game, although the latter is restricted to only a handful of teams. You will get a lot of free content here, including online and offline games in various cups and division structures, in addition to the ability to test the new cooperative features of the game.

  1. Hattrick

This browser-based management game has been running for more than two decades and still boasts a significantly large player community. It’s not for everyone, they don’t look flashy visuals, but with their absurdly deep and strategic game engine, sim text enthusiasts will find themselves at home with Hattrick. The ultimate goal is to build your club, manage resources and compete against other human managers online, and while the learning curve can be difficult, you will find many useful guides for new players online.

  1. Football Chairman

In a move away from most management-based games, Football Chairman focuses on the task of running a club instead of just training a team. The game, which is available exclusively for iOS and Android, allows you to build your own club, hire and fire staff, handle transfers and much more, with the aim of overcoming divisions and achieving the glory of English football. There is a paid version that offers additional features, such as the ability to take over existing clubs, but there is more than enough to enjoy in the free version.

  1. Score! Hero

The premise of Score! Hero is simple: you are a promising footballer, and your job is to create and score goals for your team. To achieve this level, only a few touches on the screen are required, but as the game progresses, so does its difficulty. The game is available for Android and iOS devices and has an attractive story complete with stunning graphics, and each game scenario can be conquered with various tactical approaches. The only drawback is the way your energy runs out when you fail, forcing you to wait a short time (or pay / view ads) before playing again.

  1. FIFA Mobile

The mobile version (Android, iOS) of FIFA is far from being a replica of its console counterpart, incorporating a range of unique features. The ultimate team is the obvious attraction here, but the big difference is that you can really train your players, which makes it possible to convert a low-level acquisition into a high-level superstar in time. Another great feature is VS Attack, which allows players to compete online in bite sized scenarios in 90-second games, with the potential to win promotions and prizes along the way.

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