Today I bring you an introductory article on 3d printing that we think may be interesting.

Through 3D printing we can create elements of 3D Printable Terrain & Scenery, rules, bases and markers easily for our games. It is also possible to print figures and vehicles.

What is a 3d printer?

A 3D printer is a machine capable of replicating 3D designs, creating pieces or volumetric models from a design made by computer, downloaded from the internet or collected from a 3D scanner. They arise with the idea of ​​converting 2D files into real or 3D prototypes.

There are many types of models of printers, technologies, filaments and resins to build objects. If you are interested in this subject, I encourage you to browse the internet and consult about the different models and their advantages and disadvantages.

Creation of elements for games

To create the elements for games we can download them from the Internet or create them for us. In my case, I usually download scenography elements from the internet, since I do not have much design knowledge in 3D nor time to devote.

For other things, such as rules, tokens, game bases, I usually design them using simple 3d design software such as Tinkercad.

Thingiverse – www.thingiverse.com

This page houses 3d models uploaded by the community for free use. A simple visit already gives the hint of the true potential in terms of elements for our games. Just by putting the word wargames in your search engine, there are many designs ready to download and print.

In terms of designs we have everything: set design, tokens for games, figures, vehicles. It is possible to find from elements to make goals of Bolt Action to vehicles of the WWII at 15mm scale.

In my case I have made impressions of different scenography elements for 28mm games such as Infinity or Bolt Action as you can see in the photographs.

I encourage you to take a walk and navigate the multitude of objects that can be found. And not only for our games!

Tinkercad – https://www.tinkercad.com/

Tinkercad is a 3D design and modeling tool based on web browser. It is free to use and is developed by Autodesk, the company that develops Autocad.

Using this tool you can design 3d objects and then export files to print the objects. The design of the objects is very simple since they are objects that can be joined, intersect, deform to create other more complex objects.

Another advantage is that there are many designs uploaded by other users and can be modified to create new designs.

This software I normally use to create pieces that I can not get in thingiverse. I usually create the bases for the figures for games like Impetus , Fire & Fury , Saga , etc. in addition to rules for maneuvers for games, or whatever you need and that is capable of designing through simple operations between objects.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the objective was to present a bit about the issue of 3D printing, since in my case I usually use these resources enough for games. If there is interest, we will expand the topic with more articles and more resources.


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