A Game that Test the Limit of Mobile Game – Breakout: The Dark Prison

I just found the trailer for Breakout: The Dark Prison and boy is it exciting! The gameplay is still work in progress but it’s set to bring the best parts of a slew of classic games right to the mobile market. Check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N09yA-Lym4&feature=youtu.be

Does it feel a little familiar? I think so! It looks to me like the devs are emulating and expanding on many absolute classic games, mixing them together, and bringing them to us on mobile at PC or console quality. This instant hit is slated to come to both Apple iOS and Android phones summer of 2019.

Right off the bat one of the first things I noticed was a little dash of Final Fantasy-esque weapons and story. Doesn’t that look almost a bit like Squal’s gunblade? And it doesn’t stop there; it has a sweeping, heartfelt story following your character as they search for their lost daughter and her teddy bear best friend. Sounds like something you’d find in a Final Fantasy title to me, and the world feels almost eerily familiar to the Final Fantasy 7 games. It’s set in a dystopian high-tech future, with the one major difference being a plague of zombies.

Breakout: The Dark Prison also seems to follow a path of huge customization, with multiple player characters with individual skills, tons of items, and loot popping out of every corpse. Sound a little like the Diablo franchise to you? If you’re gonna reach for the epitome of Hack ‘N Slash combat, there’s no better title to learn from than Diablo. Looking at the gameplay, much of its fast pace loot-dropping fun feels very reminiscent of this titan of gaming.

But the developers didn’t stop there- no! Because how could you shake up genre lines a bit more? Add a dash of Dark Souls. The combat is slated to be challenging and heart pounding, just like in Souls games, and even features that ever-critical action dodge that’s so important to fast paced play. We have a peak at a few boss-like enemies in the trailer, and if these bad boys are anything like the challenging fun from Souls bosses, we are truly in for a treat.

I’ve left the best part for last, though, and it’s that Breakout not only has this epic amalgamation of excellent games as its campaign, it also offers multiplayer- both in the form of co-op in the campaign, and a player versus player mode to boot! The title truly appears to offer a huge feature set for a mobile game.

If this feature rich instant classic sounds like something you’d like to play, make sure you keep a lookout for it to appear later this summer. It’s developed by Latersoft, an experienced mid sized game developer who’s been working on this particular title since late 2016.

In a world where most of our mobile games are slap-dash affairs, it’s great to see a developer really putting in the work to make something great. I find it hard to pick up good mobile games, especially recently, so when I find one like this that truly has potential, it’s good enough to wait for. See you in the world of Breakout!

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