Best tips on how to avoid getting scammed on Runescape

Imagine trying to log into your Runescape account one day, and it starts to show that your account info is incorrect or that someone is logged in to your account. The worst thing is, you probably never intended to give someone your account but it happened… This article will provide the best possible tips for RS gamers to keep your data and account safe + secure.

  1. Set up available security measures

Runescape has always been a scammers paradise. Because you only need a username and password to access any account, getting this info means that your information could easily be compromised. If this happens, not all is lost, don’t panic! If you set up recovery questions and create them thoroughly, thieves have a smaller chance of retaining your Runescape account. Even if they manage to get in, they won’t be able to keep it for long.

  1. Log-in authentication

These are a game-changer. If thieves hack your account, they would also need access to your phone or other devices where your authentication app is present. During log-ins to new devices, the app will ask for permission to login, and you will be able to approve (by entering the code) or deny it altogether.

  1. Don’t provide your information to third party sources or other people

Every Runescape service provider canadequatelyoffer their services without knowing your account’s information. Gold sellers, forums or other services can do fine without having your username and password, so it is a lot better to use different passwords for those services.

The biggest scam that could happen is you, giving your account info for someone to “check out before buying your account” or when buying gold. Trustworthy gold sellers offer the possibility for players to buy both RS3 gold and OSRS GP with safe and secure payment methods that ensure your data is safe and will not be compromised. Probemas is one of the leading in the sphere and with lots of positive feedback, they, just like other reputable services can help your account level up faster and allow players to enjoy the pure fun of the game.

  1. Be careful on public computers

Ever heard of keylogging? Yes, that is every Runescape player’s nightmare. Keyloggers are applications meant to register inputs and text entered on the computer. They usually work in the background, not visible to the user (created to help protective moms and police officers monitor their kids or criminals). These applications became public and were quickly adopted by scammers to steal accounts in Runescape as well as other games. Make sure (Task manager and Background checking apps) that the public computer you are on does not have an active keylogger while you are playing.

  1. Change your password regularly + add a bank pin

While these two are generic tips found almost everywhere on the internet, you cannot stress them enough. For the most part, changing your password is a temporary solution, but if you keep updating it, scammers get slim chances of stealing your account. Bank PIN will help protect your items in case of a break-in and will allow you to regain your acc without any damage caused.

  1. Extra caution with emails

You can see a few scams here, but the truth is that emails are an easy road to losing your account. If you get an email from Jagex (or at least someone with a similar domain), instead go to the official Runescape site and log in from there. Do not click on the link unless you are  100 percent sure that it is the officialRunescape administration contacting you. Phishing is one of the most prominent methods for scammers.

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