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I’ve recently come across an article highlighting a new movie that’s popped up on YouTube which has piqued my interest in giving it a watch. Game Jam the Movie is a documentary that goes over a game jam and competition that was the brainchild of Clique founder, and CEO Andy Powersand CineForge media to showcase their CliqueAPI voice tech to the public. The article then gives a brief overview of the competition itself and the games that were made for it. I’d definitely recommend reading the UltraGamerz article for further details. It’s nice and concise and has plenty of links to other sources to answer any questions that may come up as a result.

            The main thrust of the competition was to create a game that uses Cliques voice tech as a part of the games user interface. It’s an exciting prospect design wise because right now Clique API is currently used in the business space to make conference calling more user-friendly and is supposed to use an advanced artificial intelligence to automatically transcribe those conference calls so you don’t end up with a notebook full of hastily written notes. As an amateur dev, the prospect of using it as an integral part of the UI presents interesting gameplay prospects and equally exciting problem-solving opportunities.

            The devs and games that were showcased in the article use the Clique API creatively. One game, in particular, used the interface to focus on co-op gameplay to solve puzzles in VR. As voice recognition and voice to text software gets more refined over the years I wouldn’t be surprised to see it get integrated into more mainstream games in the future. Imagine if a dev could play with Clique API long enough to use it as a way to talk to NPCs or instead of having a “journal” that automatically fills in as you complete quests in an adventure game, you can talk to your journal and make personalized entries. Clique API could also be a handy way to add accessibility options to games to help people with reduced motor function to play as well.

            All things considered, I’d say the writer MohesnDaemi piqued my interest in watching Game Jam the Movie. I’m also going to be keeping an eye out for Clique. I think they could be really good for the game industry. It would be nice if shouting at the TV or monitor could be a part of the game and not just catharsis for falling off a cliff or getting sniped from across the map. A good dev team with more than 48 hours to complete a game could do wonders with the tech, and give players a more immersive way to interact with their games. Controllers and keyboards are still the best we have right now, but there’s no reason why we should stop with just those tools, and Clique API has given us a glimpse of what else we can do through their Game Jam.

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