CS:GO Guide to play on Faceit

  • Operation 

Faceit is a platform not managed by Valve, allowing you to play CS: GO competitively. On this site, you must first link your game account (your STEAM ID, more precisely) in order to enter a game server. Once this is done, you can try this platform for csgo accounts.

  • The free version

Here again, the games are found by a matchmaking system that aims to regroup you with players of your level. How does the site know about your level initially? He does not really know it at first. You will start a certain “elo” and as and your victories or defeats this curve will continue to vary. Unfortunately it is not accessible in the free version, which is not really practical to find one’s bearings.

Once the game is found, one of the five players on the team is designated as captain and takes charge of the “bans”. He initially ban the different locations of game servers (Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom), then the cards. In the end, you get the IP of the game server: all you have to do is connect and play. Note that there is never a draw in the Faceit games, the games are played in their entirety (and therefore overtime if necessary).

It should be noted that you can invite your friends to play with you. Faceit allows you to create “party” and thus go into matchmaking together.

  • The paid version

First of all here are the different packages offered by Faceit (1 pound = 1.17 euros):

In paid versions, you have the choice between two packages. Either the “Supporter” or the “Premium”. Note that rates will be higher than those shown above if you decide to subscribe for only one month. You can use csgo ranked accounts for better performance.

In any case, when you pay a subscription on the site, you can have access to new features: advanced statistics on your profile (KD, elo, winning percentages, percentage of headshots …), leagues “premium” where Faceit points can be won and after being spent in the shop, more chances to be captain, the ability to make Faceit tournaments …

  • Balance sheet

► Strengths

  • You can try this platform for free before you consider subscribing.
  • The speed to find a part.
  • A matchmaking system more successful than the one proposed by Valve.
  • A fun grading system that makes progression fun.
  • The opportunity to win Faceit points.
  • In the Premium queue, there is the presence of an Anti-cheat more reliable than that of the matchmaking proposed by Valve.
  • A higher level than Matchmaking (from a certain elo).
  • The ability to play with a friend, regardless of his or her elo.
  • 128 Tick servers.
  • There are many events you can attend if you are a subscriber.

► Weaknesses

  • Recurring problem of cheaters. Very many players, attracted by the gains, cheat without hiding, without sanctions fast.
  • Only the Premium queue requires activation of the Anti-cheat. Why? We still wonder.
  • The system of “bans” of server locations is not logical enough. Therefore, depending on the location you can end up with a lot of latency (if you live in France, play on a Swedish server penalizes you).
  • In the low elo, the community remains globally toxic. Many players come as a simple alternative to matchmaking, or for troll. Nothing prevents them from leaving a game for no obvious reason (the sanctions are not very dissuasive).
  • A support of a regrettable quality.
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