Heart of Azeroth

With the advent of a new “Battle for Azeroth” expansion, artifacts in the form of weapons will not be used any longer. Instead, a new unique item called Heart of Azeroth will be available to all players. It’s a necklace which you can get after you complete a special task on Kultiras and Zandalar. In the description it’s indicated that this is a gift from the planet and Magni Bronzebeard to all the heroes. This artifact allows to get improvements for the head, shoulder pads and chest. Not every piece of armor can be upgraded. Such objects are indicated by a special frame around the icon. After obtaining such item, the shift + RMB combination opens the window of improvements. It represents three circles. On the outer one there are 4 talents, the middle has 3, and on the last ring there are 2. These bonuses can give a significant advantage in fights. From the beta test we know the following information:

*When fighting, every half-minute, a shield appears to absorb 600 damage;

* Healing per 1000 health when hit during being crowdcontrolled;

* Every 15 seconds over the hero a shield appears and absorbs 2200 damage if it there are at least 4 enemies;

* Increases damage from attacking abilities and increases healing by 1%.

There are rarely items with unique bonuses that greatly enhance the offensive or defensive abilities of the archetype. In equipment, improvements can be repeated, but it is not known whether the effect stacks. Hearth of Azeroth boost will be very popular due to the discovery of the rings. The artifact has its own scale of filling the resource called Azerite. His receipt is automatically credited to the “Hearts of Azeroth” level. The higher it is, the more rings are available for pumping. For example, it will take up to 500 units to open an outer circle with 4 talents, then the numbers go up to hundreds of thousands and tens of millions (level 60-70). A total of 300 stages are provided for pumping, and the maximum level of the artifact can increase to 564. Azerite can be obtained from elite monsters, bosses of raids and dungeons, is extracted during assignments, and can also be found in treasure chests. Players in the beta test were convinced that it is best to extract a resource during the Expeditions to the enemy continent after reaching level 120. In tasks, about 10-50 units will fall, and you can also receive packs of 750 resources when traveling to enemy continents.

New artifact has a connection with the history of the “Legion” supplement and its availability looks quite obvious after obtaining the level 120 players should initially focus on getting items that can be improved with new bonuses using an artifact. Then each player must obtain Azerite by any available means. First, bonuses help in battles with other users. Secondly, the player will be able to raise the level of the “Heart of Azeroth”, increasing its characteristics. The pumping of a unique necklace will become an important part of the new content after the addition of the “Battle for Azeroth”.

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