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Star Wars The Old Republic comes out as a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, MMORPG. Star Wars depends on the Star Wars universe. BioWare Austin and a complementary team to the BioWare Edmonton team declared Star Wars The Old Republic October 21, 2008. This video game was released on the Microsoft Windows platform December 20, 2011 at the point in North America and parts of Europe. To play The Old Republic faster, you can buy SWTOR credits from renowned online gambling houses. The development cost has not revealed BioWare. However, it is roughly between $ 150 and $ 200, as stated by financial analysts. Star Wars The Old Republic has gained one million subscribers within three days of its launch. And it turns out to be the fastest growing MMO in the world. The following months after the launch, the number of subscribers has begun to decline. SWTOR still has to be profitable. The game developer has introduced a free-to-play mode of play with the subscription.

The Old Republic takes place in the imaginary universe just after the peace of jobs between the resurgence of the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. It is located 300 years after the occasions of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games. It’s more than 3500 years before the occasions in the movie Star Wars. The Jedi is responsible for the success of the Sith, while the devastating 28 years of the Great Galactic War took place. Thus, the choice of the transfer between Coruscant and Tython where the Jedi Order is based mainly on the search for the orientation of the Force. One of the online virtual coin sellers the most popular and reliable SWTOR credits offers the cheapest cost.

The Korriban Sith control, a Sith academy has been re-built. The return of the cinematic trailer portrays the occasion in Korriban Sith defeated again. During filming, there is a smuggler named Nico Okarr. Nico was driven into his prison cell in which a Jedi Korriban orbit. Known as the Jedi Satele Shan along with his master, Kao Cen Darach were present while Shan was orbiting Korriban. Suddenly, there is a Sith named Darth Maglus served as the main opponent with his master and other troops invaded the Sith base. His teacher is known as Vindican. 

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