Parents guide to Roblox

Roblox is one of the most popular online games that kids these days are going all over. If you have a little one at home who loves to explore the online gaming world, the name Roblox is likely to sound familiar. According to comScore, the game was developed in 2006. Since then, it has been a big hit among teens and kids above eight years old.

You might think that it is simply a game, but in reality, it’s not. Roblox is basically an entertainment platform that enables any user to create online games according to their preferences using Roblox studio, it’s game design tool. It holds a certain level of similarity with YouTube. Roblox is a place where you can create your own games, share them as well as enjoy the content that others have created.

The creators have utilized the platform to create many games which are available on Xbox One, iOS, Android, personal computers, Kindle Fire devices, VR headsets, etc. More than 100,000 players are driven to extremely popular games like Jailbreak during peak hours.

Getting Started

The platform enables parents to imbibe decent digital habits in their children. It’s essential as it prepares your child to judiciously use other social media platforms in the future without any parental supervision. Based on the age of the player, Roblox incorporates security and privacy measures. So, it’s vital to enter the correct age.

Human moderators approve of pictures and text before publishing. Users above the age of thirteen have comparatively fewer restrictions and can share social media usernames as well as links to YouTube videos. The digitalized blocky look sometimes gives rise to images that might be too sensitive for some viewers. The account settings have a section for ‘Account Restrictions’ from where parents can restrict certain content from children. If you don’t want your kid socializing on the platform, you can do so under the privacy section of the account settings.

How Does Blocking and Reporting Work?

Find the player you wish to block on the players’ list or the leaderboard. Click on it and select block user. This method is applicable if you are blocking in game. On the other hand, in the website or app interface, you can directly visit the player’s profile, click on the three dots next to the name and select block user.

For in-game reporting, click on Menu on the left side of the screen. A player’s name has a flag icon located right next to it. Click on the flag and select report. If you are on the app or the site interface, you can find a Report Abuse link with every asset. All you need to do is complete the form and submit it.

Some Precautions To Stay Safe in Roblox

When you are connected to the internet, it is mandatory to exercise safety precautions regardless of the platform you are using. You need to stay in close proximity initially unless your child learns how to carry out safe interactions. You can also create an account for yourself and play with your child. This way, you can monitor their internet behavior and see how they are interacting with friends. Have a discussion about the ground rules and make it clear that there shouldn’t be any violations.


The best thing is that you can use Roblox at a reasonable price, thanks to the promo codes offered by different coupon sites. You can save money and help your child learn internet safety at the same time! The privacy settings and security mechanisms of the platform make it a safe space for children and teens to immerse themseles in a classy game play experience.

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