The Division 2: Types of specializations, special weapons and how they work

After talking about the new dark zone of The Division 2 and the promising endgame that ensures a way to extend the game that will go beyond the PvPvE, it is time to talk about the third great novelty of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: the specializations. A character improvement system that allows us to access new weapons, unlocks a new skill tree and allows different strategies as well as the possibility of joining different clans. So we are describing weapon talents in The Division 2 here.

Acquiring the specialization

In the private beta of the weekend we have been able to test the three existing specializations – sharpshooter, demolition expert and survivor – thanks to a system that Ubisoft has taken out of the sleeve and that has allowed us to access them together with the endgame once finished the two main missions that counted the previous tasting of the game. In this way, once these first missions were completed, three characters were added along with our main character, all three maintaining the appearance of our agent but with different equipment and skills according to their specialization.

However, in the final version of The Division 2 things will be very different. The idea is that the specializations coincide with the end of the game as a way to continue the experience with new challenges, missions, and activities, both inside and outside the dark zone. Therefore, we can not access these specializations until reaching the maximum level of character-level 30-, at which point we will stop raising levels and a new way of counting our experience will arise: the score. 

Choose your specialization

Waiting to know if there will be new specializations in the future, almost certainly knowing the service that Massive Games and Ubisoft give their games, we can tell you about the three specializations that will be included in the release version of The Division 2. They have not been too complicated with two classes that are a classic in these ranks: Sniper and Expert in Demolitions, with an addition, the Expert in Survival, which is, perhaps, the most versatile specialization and that would be the equivalent of the explorer. 

Each of the specializations includes new skills, talents and grenades, as well as a devastating special weapon that in the case of the Demolition Expert is a powerful grenade launcher with a wide attack radius that produces several zone critics. The sniper, on the other hand, carries a powerful 50 caliber unstoppable rifle, capable of causing great damage to armor, turrets and enemy heads. Finally the Survivor – or expert in Survival – carries a stealthy mounted crossbow with an effectiveness very similar to that of the sniper’s rifle. 

In regards to skills and grenades, each specialty will have access to a type of hand explosive: granda frag, incendiary and state. The same happens with the skills, that in the demo we could see that opens new possibilities for the drone, the mini-turret and the mines with things as crazy as a mini-turret of artillery, a drone para-medic or a capable intelligent mine to reach the enemy and make him jump through the air or burn a large area. 

To all this is added a powerful endgame that I spoke to you yesterday and that makes us need to maximize the skills and abilities of our agents, either in the open area or the dark zone, with increasingly better prepared enemies and a PvPvE that It looks better than in the previous installment. You want, and many, to see how all this works once The Division 2 sees the light on March 15 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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