Whether you’re a professional gamer or a beginner, it’s good to know that having high performance gaming equipment is the secret to a unique gaming experience. It also contributes to comfort and an influence on the player’s performance.

Having a PC is good, but having a Gamer PC is even better. Indeed, not all machines can meet the requirements for playing video games on PC. Minimum performance is required to play fluently. But in addition to the machine, it is also necessary to equip yourself with useful accessories to play on PC. You can buy all these accessories on VixBee is a One-Stop Shop for top quality modern and classic gaming needs with a Huge collection of affordable New and Refurbished Gaming Desktops, Ram, SSDs, GPUs, Motherboards, Pro Laptops, PC Cases, Consoles, Retro Gaming consoles, Sweet Deals on Gaming Desktops and Gaming Hardware Upgrades, Toys, Collectibles and more! Here is the overview of the essential accessories for PC Gamer.

Gaming Monitor

What would be a good PC gamer without a good screen? To choose it, there are certain criteria to take into account.

The size of the screen are obviously important. We recommend a screen size of at least 24 inches in 16: 9 format.

The resolution of the screen is also an important criterion. If Full HD is a standard (1920×1080) today, investing in a 4K screen is a good idea. For PC games, you need to choose IPS or TN tiles with a high refresh rate.



The sound environment is a point not to neglect to play well on PC and live a unique experience. Opting for a quality and comfortable headset will give you ease when playing.


It is no longer a reminder that the headset is a must have accessory for gamers who play games online or in a network. It guarantees the communication between all the players of the same team. You can discuss the game strategy to be conducted. But for FPS games, paying attention to the audio is also in order to anticipate the action to be taken against the enemies.

To choose your headphones, do not hesitate to read comparisons in which you will be well advised.


The video games require optimal precision what they are. And most professional gamers prefer to play with the mouse than with a controller. That is why the choice of the mouse must be done carefully taking into account its shape, its weight, its resolution in dots per inch or the number of buttons it has.

For a wireless mouse, make sure that the response time is not too slow, which can affect your game, especially on FPS. The sensitivity of the mouse is also a point not to neglect.


The keyboard is an inseparable element to the PC gamer. You might find sturdy keyboards on the market specifically for PC gamers. However, we advise you to try before buying as the most important thing will be to put yourself at ease and play comfortably.


It is a rather neglected accessory but which should however be part of the list of essential elements for a PC gamer. Indeed, a game can take several minutes or hours. That’s why choosing a good comfortable chair will be necessary to avoid back pain or fatigue. So it is an important part of good accessories for a gaming setup.


Some players use mouse and keyboard, others prefer the gamepad. And after that, it will also depend on the type of game you are going to play. Some games offer a better controller experience.

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