The Greatest Strength Of Guild Wars 2 – Casual Play

Guild Wars 2 is a game that can be considered a little controversial since some may like it while others hate it. No matter the case, everyone that played the game so far surely enjoyed the casual nature that is present. You can definitely play it at a hardcore rate, going after every single achievement and eat up every single release. However, most players actually play it from time to time or when they want to relax.

First off, Guild wars is a series that has always been popular because it was casual friendly. You will find it on every single website that has a community of gamers discussing what they play. When Guild Wars 1 was launched, it instantly became successful, even if there were different problems that were stressing players out. Then, when Guild Wars 2 appeared, it was a complete MMO. Back then, many worried that not much content was available in order to stay invested. This was true to some extent.

Guild Wars 2 definitely offers enough content to make gamers invested but this is because of why a player decides to keep playing. Arenanet did update the game different times. Landscapes changed and brand new stories were added. However, the one factor that most of the players move towards in MMO games is vertical progression. This is what Guild Wars 2 does not have.

Many hardcore MMO gamers will tell you that the lack of vertical progression is the biggest problem with Guild Wars 2 but this can actually be mentioned as the game’s biggest strength. After Living World’s Season 4 was launched, the competition was simply huge. There are now so many MMOs and MMORPGs in particular that can be played. Hardcore gamers keep changing games and try to experience everything they can, but many actually keep coming back to Guild Wars 2.

There are many rewards that are in place for the Guild Wars 2 player that is highly dedicated and spends a lot of time in the game. However, they do not cover a spectrum that is large enough for the players that do not accomplish them. For a large part of the community, Guild Wars 2 is sort of a classic that is played from time to time. It is not as taxing if you do not get all the important items, as it would be in World Of Warcraft. Whenever you have some free time available and you want to see what has been going on in the game, there is something to do. Players basically keep coming back and are not bored. They do find what to do, even if they do not have much time available.

A large part of the competition is highly taxing in the event that you do not play the game. Guild Wars 2 is not. Other games focus on gear score farming and level cap increases. There are gates that stop the player from content access until something is done. When you manage to get to that point in the game, there are already so many that did it that it loses its charm. There are even games that add gates and level caps with the purpose of convincing people to pay something. The alternative would be to spend a lot more time that necessary to get access to the gate. This is just something that Guild Wars 2 does not do.

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