Tips for playing Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is available in all the good dairies, and given the time that I put to be able to access the game that night, as much to tell you that the Blizzard title is a huge success.

Today, the day will be under the sign of the primordial demon, and I propose to you now a small digest of things to know and to do in order to start the adventure Diablo 3 as it should.

The basics

  • First of all, start by buying the game, it’s a good start, and think about going through the Game blog shop if it’s not done yet.
  • I am sure some of you have friends. If you’re lucky enough, do not hesitate to play Diablo III for a single second in multiplayer, the gaming experience is only better. In addition, is so damn well, that you will just two clicks to directly reach your companion in game, with a disconcerting simplicity.
  • Choose the class that suits you by discovering the various videos of presentations dedicated to the Barbarian, the Monk, the Demon Hunter, the Wizard and finally the Witch Doctor.
  • An important thing to fully enjoy Diablo 3: take your time. Read the quests and descriptions of your skills, admire the scenery and immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of Sanctuary. It would be a shame to miss out on that. If you are Getting ancient items, it is a good decision for playing Diablo 3 successfully.


  • Once you’re in the game exploring the various Diablo 3dungeons, it’s important to explore everything. Feel free to search every corner of the game, the majority of environments are destructible and must be abused, objects can be hidden everywhere, so open your eyes. In addition, the dungeons are random, so it is very interesting to start again because they will be very different from your first pass.
  • Do not be too greedy. You will often arrive in rooms where dozens of monsters are just waiting to make you skin. It is important to know the limits of your character. You’ll be able to smash dozens of enemies at the same time, but you still have to be careful and not be overwhelmed. Abuse of your control techniques will allow you to keep your distance and survive much more simply. Also remember to pick up the globes of life that drop the monsters, to treat you, but be careful and take them only when you need them. Finally, do not forget to take the improvements (defense bonus, life regeneration, experience bonus, etc …) that you will find over the dungeons by operating the altars
  • Make good use of your common chest to possibly store items that will help your other characters get started.

The evolution

  • The evolution of your character is significant in Diablo 3. At almost every level, remember to check out your new skills and the changes you can make via the runes, this is a fundamental principle of the game.
  • Always for the sake of evolution, take a close interest in the blacksmith. It will allow you to create new objects and reconvert magic items that you find and do not serve you. Remember to invest in the forge to gain access to new items.
  • And finally, the main attraction of Diablo is undoubtedly the loot. You will find hundreds of items as you walk through the Sanctuary dungeons. You have to pick everything up, fill your bags, and from time to time make a few stops in town so that you can sell anything you do not want. Attention also to the color of the objects, it indicates their rarity (White for normal or superior, Violet for the Magical, and Yellow for the Rare).

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