Tips to buy PS4 Controller Charger Station

The most obvious way to restore power to game-stressed controllers is to use a simple micro-USB cable on the console. But since the cable mess is only annoying to 99% and the leash never reaches to the couch, a proper charging station is probably the most important accessory. This allows the exhausted controllers to be recharged and safely stowed after and during each gambling session. Thus there are various solutions – both Sony and some third party providers – with which you can charge your controllers. From simple clip-on charging stations to induction chargers, everything is now possible. Here are some interesting examples:

Ready2gaming PS4 Induction Charger (Qi Charger)
If you are looking for the latest technology to satisfy your needs, you should be happy with this stylish induction charging station. The wireless charging by induction (also called Qi technology) is known from the current high-end smartphones. Whether Qi is just a technical gimmick with a comfort factor or real comfort, you have to decide for yourself. But if you are fond of the technology and can not do without such gadgets, then this charging station is your chance to load your DualShock 4 controllers via Qi.

Best of all Charging Stations
Sliq Gaming PlayStation 4 Controller Charger Station

Sliq Gaming is manufactured using PlayStation 4 technology built into the bottom ports of the controller itself. It provides the most quickest and efficient charging method to your controllers. So that it is best one among all the charging stations. So if you just looking for a solid charging station without frills, that’s right here. If you are looking for more equipment, functions or comfort, you should prefer to use a different model. It has yellow blinking led light which show the charging state. When the battery is fully charged, it automatically stop the charging. So no overcharging takes place. This Sliq Gaming PS4 controller charger is compatible with many controllers such as Original PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro remote controllers and console systems.

Sony DualShock 4 Charging Station

The classic among the charging stations comes from Sony itself. The unobtrusive station serves the sole purpose of giving two DualShock 4 controllers a place to recharge and store. Apart from the LEDs for the state of charge once off, there are no equipment extras. For charging, the controllers must be plugged into the USB ports in the dedicated recesses of the station. Thanks to its own power supply, empty batteries are ready for use after around two hours. So if you just looking for a solid charging station without frills, that’s right here. If you are looking for more equipment, functions or comfort, you should prefer to use a different model.

Venom Twin Docking Station

A big weak point of many charging stations is the USB port. Often, the controllers have to be inserted into designated recesses of the charging station with some pressure in order for the USB plug and socket to connect. The real problem follows when you want to get the fully loaded controller back from the station. The plug-in connection is so tight that you hold the controller together with the attached station in your hands. In the worst case, you can even damage the plug or socket.


If you do not want to get bogged down with cable clutter and controllers stuck to the station, you should get the Venom Twin Docking Station. The scope of supply includes two USB dongles, which carry the charging contacts of the USB socket to the bottom of the controller. Thus, two pads can be loaded simultaneously on the station by simply placing the controllers. The blue LEDs on the front of the station inform you about the charging process. When the batteries are full again, the controllers can be removed without effort.

If you want to buy high quality Xbox One controller charger, you should keep in the mind the above features while choosing the best one.

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