What makes Classic Tetris the best e-sports so far?

Classic Tetris works on the principle of ‘’easy to learn and difficult to master’’ and there is no doubt that it is the best game ever to exist. Today, e-gaming has changed entirely, and there are thousands of options to choose an e-game according to your choice. But, in today’s e-gaming industry, it is the most competitive game that is suited to be e-sports.

Now, you can play Tetris online, which means now you can enjoy Classic Tetris on your mobiles anywhere and anytime you want just for free. Four essential factors make an e-game a competitive one. When we observe Classic Tetris based on these four factors, it appears crystal clear that Classic Tetris simply excel in these categories.

  • Intelligible:

Complicated and fast e-games are not everyone’s cup of tea. Classic Tetris has a slow pace, but still, it maintains a high skill ceiling. The depth comes with this game is simply irresistible to admire, and its viewing simplicity is superb. Its simplicity makes it easy to play and enjoyable for experts and beginners equally.

  • Amusing:

It is not like stupid adrenaline rush epic shooter games that have kill screens and max outs, but still, it is a blast to watch. You can expect anything here as newcomers doing very well to the early bumped out of veterans like Jonas Neubauer and Harry Hong. It is not only exciting for the players, for the audience also it is fun to watch.

  • Well-balanced:

This is a very balanced game in which both players get the same pieces, no BS hitboxes, no tier lists, and no lags. Your victory is only based upon ‘’your faults’’.

  • Accessible:

Most of us have played this game, and it is on almost every platform. There are no particular skill trees require, no points to allocate, no complicated keybindings, tire list to memorize, and no character matchups to learn. Tetris Classic keeps the simplest elements of the while with added layers of complexity with endless replay ability.

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