The system is not new (it exists in EVE Online or Wildstar). It exists in other massively multiplayer online games. It allows one side to flow the virtual gold mass into play while retaining the loyalty of the biggest players, and the other to offer a secure gold sales service.

Blizzard has therefore decided to integrate a gold sale / play time service to World of Warcraft with a system of “chips “.

In a sense, players who spend their time on WoW will be able to spend their virtual gold against playing time, which replaces their subscription: a cash loss for Blizzard, but it avoids the departure of a loyal player and / or important for his guild, community, etc. And finally, it allows a sanitation of the economy at stake with a siphon gold consequent.

In the other direction, casual players who do not want to spend time killing monsters to collect gold will be able to use the same chips to buy gold on The practice has always existed (even if today we talk a lot less about the phenomenon of gold farming), so much as to formalize it.

This will allow players to buy their gold with a secure system, no scam or blue card theft, and the other Blizzard to blow a little in the ceaseless struggle against the Gold Farming, the bots and all the business that goes with it.

It must be understood that all online games offering a virtual economy are the target of this kind of practice (mainly coming from China).

A WoW token adds 30 days of playing time to a player’s account, or it can be sold at the auction house at the current market price. A guaranteed price will be offered when the transaction is put in place, so as not to suffer fluctuations in supply and demand. In addition, tokens are linked to the character, and therefore can not be sold or traded through other means. They can not be resold against real money either.

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