Playing games is one of the best parts of life. Whether it is playing a physical game outdoor or in-ground or it is playing a board game, a videogame, or playing online games.

If you are a real gamer and love to play online games, want to add more games to your list, and want to be the part of the online gamers’ community…GAMERIDS is the perfect platform for you. Gamerids social gamer network where you can get connected with gamers of your type, get your favorite games, and also become aware of the game news.

Do you know Link, Master Chief, Kratos, Solid snake, Dante, and Arthur Morgan???

If yes!!! Then you are welcome to the GAMERIDS community because we love to quench your thirst for gaming here.

GAMERIDS understands the needs and behaviors of gamers. We know that every 1 in 10 people in today’s world are gamers. All of them are unique in every way from each other but they do have something common…Yes, the passion for online games. GAMERIDS knows what gamers want in actual.

Top 5 ultimate needs of gamers:

  1. Lag, only for a split second can make the difference between victory and defeat. Lag is the most intolerable thing for a true gamer. Stable connectivity and smooth performance are primarily crucial for gamers.
  2. Games provide an adrenaline rush, joy, and a dose of fun but this is not all. Real gamers also need to get the experience of being in a fantasy world. They just need to relax and want to cut off for some time from the humdrum and rituals of daily life.
  3. Gamers readily go with the devices that provide them control. They are truly ambitious to control every single aspect of true gaming experience. Gamers just love to be the controller of everything in the game from ergonomics to usability.
  4. A sense of belonging, comradery or companionship of likeminded people is the best thing a gamer seeks for. Gamers play online games mostly for social interaction with fellow gamers and to be part of a larger gamer’s community.
  5. True gamers believe in multitasking. They want to keep themselves busy even during gaming. From setting up their battle stations to stream videos, displaying strategy guides, and multiple chat windows via multiple screens. Even gamers cannot wait for loading a game but they play a game while they are waiting for another game to load.

GAMERIDS-satisfies the gamers need:

GAMERIDS understands the needs of real gamers and provides them the ultimate satisfaction of providing their desired game. We have a maximum range of all PC games, Xbox 1, Playstation 4, Dreamcast, Game Cube and PS Vita games.

We have a variety of games from the action, adventure, shooter, role-playing games to the first-person, arcade, fantasy, Sci-Fi, and real-time games. GAMERIDS- is a small team of game lovers who enjoy playing games. Hard-working and dedication are the only rules we follow. We invite you to join us and support us. You can also be our sponsor.

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