Greater Choices for the Perfect PS4 Controller

With the growing popularity of vs fighting and fighting games on PC and game consoles, many players want to buy an arcade stick for various reasons: comfort, feeling of play, need for novelty. Since the rise of fighting games in the global export (and especially since the launch of Street Fighter 5, many models arcade pad are available on the market. There are for all tastes, at prices more or less high, for experienced players or for beginners who wish to learn this accessory. With the Megamods controller you can have the best option now.

If you are looking for the best fight stick in the market, take a look at the tips that follow and pay attention to many criteria that must be considered before buying.

Understand your budget and your handyman skills

With the slew of fighting stick models available online, it’s easy for the complete beginner to get lost. Stick upscale joystick a little more cheap, there is for all rates. The whole thing is to estimate as close as possible the price that you are ready to put in a pad without getting into debt over 10 years. If you’re not born with a gold spoon but your Sunday handyman skills are undeniable, there’s always the option to upgrade your stick with better quality items purchased separately. By calculating well its shot, it is quite possible to save a little money compared to a high-end arcade joystick at 260 €. But beware, who says DIY says opportunity to completely screw up this cheap arcade stick optimization. Learn to recognize the extent of your talents (and your portfolio).

Opt for a plug & play and moddable model

When it is not the games that pose compatibility problems (hello SFV), they are the accessories. Save yourself this trouble and focus your research on a model of recent arcade pad compatible with PC and consoles: PS3, PS4, Xbox One. Most of the big success in fighting games come out on all platforms above. You plug, you play, you love (or you rage it depends on the case). Point bar. Your gaming experience will grow and you will avoid unnecessary frustrations.

Our selection of controller not too expensive, compatible with all platforms and easily customizable

If you intend to offer an arcade stick in the coming days, opt for a model whose components can be disassembled and upgraded easily (buttons, joystick, dial). This is a very important criterion if you buy a medium or low-end and cheap pad. Their masterpieces wear out pretty quickly depending on your play sessions and in 90% of cases, you will have to go through the box ‘Replacement’. The difficulty of disassembling the stick and your Do It Yourself skills will determine the outcome of the round. This process must of course be as simple as possible so as not to deteriorate your gaming experience.

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