How do Gamers Use VPN?

You have been head deep in a game of Battlegrounds for over six hours straight! The adrenaline in the game has been transferred right to you, as you maneuver the levels in your high-tech chair and three-monitor graphical interface – which you read about on Norskeanmeldelser. Then suddenly, the fear of every gamer happens, your connection speed tanks, and your console feedback stalls. The few seconds or minutes of the connection glitch causes you to lose the advantage of a head start that you earlier enjoyed, you get so furious, and feel like smashing the controller. Well, it could all have been avoided.

Such challenges can be avoided by gamers when they invest in a quality VP; here are some reasons why you want to use one for your online gaming activities.

1.  To Avoid Stalking

Some gamers are sore losers, and having your IP address exposed on gaming platforms could leave you exposed to getting your actual address tracked down, using the IP. Yes, you heard right, that is possible. Though reported cases of violence through such stalking is sporadic, that does not eliminate the possibility of such happening. Pranks that could emanate from such stalking activity can be avoided by cascading with VPN services. VPN equally shields you from DDoS attacks that have been recently recurring with online games.

2.  Enjoy Free Wi-Fi

Many establishments use the offer of free Wi-Fi to attract customers, maybe during a rest break at your favorite Ski resort, or while waiting on a delayed flight at the airport. Candies of free Wi-Fi connections get dangled in your face, all the time, in this kind of public place. However, there are several security concerns of connecting to such unencrypted public networks without adequate security. VPNs give you the needed layer of protection in such cases, while you do some quick gaming on public network connections.

3.  Say Goodbye to Bandwidth Throttle

Most conventional ISP providers are known to monitor the bandwidth consumption of their users and limit the same when traffic is noticed to be heavy from a particular node. Using VPNs to encrypt the string of gaming data generated by online gamers can help to avoid having your bandwidth throttled by the ISP. Also, subscribing to VPN hosting services that offer a combination of internet service and the protection of conventional VPNs in one package.

4.  Overcome the Bottleneck of Geo-Restrictions

Some games are known to be available to users from only a particular region. In some cases, early game releases are accessible to only users in certain countries. Also, in nations like China or institutions where restrictions are placed on gaming activities; using a VPN would give access by connecting to remote servers.

There are several VPNs available to use on gaming consoles or your home router; this makes the service capable of protecting all devices connected to the home network. Some VPNs are free, and others paid; but, paying for reliable services like NordVPN would be better off. Some of the free VPN services log user data, which are subsequently sold to third parties.

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