How to get free coins and diamonds in Garena free fire?

There are so many shooting games; one of the best is “Garena free fire game”. This game is all about survival shooting game. This game has so many challenges and results the gamer can get a small number of coins and diamonds. That’s why we are introducing free fire mod apk for Garena. In this apk file, after downloading it from, the gamer will get free coins and diamonds for him without any payment. The gamer can also unlock all the characters of the games with just this one apk file. This game is using an android platform with version 1.41.0; this is a free apk file with so many diamonds, coins, character, and aims.

Benefits of this apk file:

The apk file crated for the games have so many benefits, some of these are:

Auto-aim function:

We’ve created an auto-shot or auto-aim function in which the gamer can shot directly at the enemy with 100% safety. He can shoot directly in the head without getting detected. By this auto-aim function, the player can be cross difficult levels and situations.

Things a player can get with downloading this file:

After downloading this game the player will get free unlimited coins and diamonds in the game, all the characters will be unlocked, auto-aim quality, Garena shells, and wallhack. All these things are free with just downloading this file from our site. This apk file is compatible with all android versions and it is very easy to install.

High rate or survival:

As we all know that this is a shooting game and in every shooting game the survival of players is the most important thing. With this apk file, the player will survive longer than the simple game.

Characters and places of player’s choice:

The player can choose different points in the games as all the characters will be unlocked in this game. So, a player can choose different characters according to his choice and easiness or he can start the game from different levels and points he wants in his game.


Easy map explorer:

This file will help the player in finding out different hidden things withal the features like map explorer and hidden treasures of coins and gems. With the help of this apk file, the player can aim any thin in the game without any blockage or rule.


This apk file also has so many updates for the game, the game will be updated according to all other shooting games with different seasons and locations. This apk file is supported to the entire version it will not stop any update of recovery.

Free characters and their guns:

There are so many characters in the game with different qualities that can only be unlocked by getting too many diamonds, this apk file has all the character unblock in it. They can get any type of gun they want. So many expensive characters like Misha and Nikita, all unblock with a different types of weapons which can help a player in crossing different levels and places. Download Garena free fire from that you can play without any tension of diamonds and unblocking of different weapons and characters.

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