Pros and Cons to buy Sky3ds in Amazon and Ebay

Buy Sky3ds in Amazon or Ebay is correct or not? I know many of you don’t trust the small online sites to buy Sky3ds or Sky3ds+, but purchase a flashcard from Amazon or Ebay is a good idea? Of course it’s not, in this article, I will give you full answer.

Will you find Sky3ds retailer in Amazon or Ebay?

As the time of writing this post, I have done the search for you. I go to and, put keyword “Sky3ds” there to try to find out some resellers, the result is as following.

  • Search Sky3ds in Ebay: There are 3 Sky3ds list there, but all of them are pre-owned, and 2 of the Sky3ds are the old version Sky3ds V2, NOT the latest Sky3ds V3-Sky3ds plus, which is the correct sky3ds card to buy in 2019.
  • Search Sky3ds in Amazon: No Sky3ds card there, the related products are Action Replay device, NDS Adapter and other products with “Sky3ds” title.

Pros and Cons buy Sky3ds in Ebay and Amazon

Buy things from Amazon or Ebay are having a lot of advantages, they are both of the Biggest International Online Retailers, widely-known in the Global, having the best price on most of products, offering a good customer service and a fast shipping speed.

However, Sky3ds isn’t belonging to one of the “Things”. Sky3ds is a flashcard for Nintendo 3DS to play free 3ds games or backups. It is not allowed to sell in Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Newegg or any other Big Online Shopping Platform.

That’s the reason you Shouldn’t buy Sky3ds from Amazon or Ebay. And there are other cons for purchasing the Sky3ds card from them, I will list you here too.

  • The Sky3ds you bought from Ebay are pre-owned, no one can confirm it will still work or it’s just a fake Sky3ds.
  • The Sky3ds sold at a more expensive price at Ebay, from Sky3ds official resellers like or, the price is much cheaper.
  • Even later, you can find new Sky3ds+ list in Amazon or Ebay, it will be removed so quickly, because it Breaks the Site Rules.

So which is the legit place to buy Sky3ds or Sky3ds+ to you?

There are many flashcard stores on the Internet, such as the 2 ones I mentioned, they are the indepedent websites, so they can sell the 3ds flashcard, ds flashcart or modchips to Nintendo Switch. But how you can choose from them? I have some advice to you here too.

No matter you choose which Sky3ds vendor online, before you order, you should email them to ask about the 4 elements.

Their Shipment: Where do they ship from? Italiamods site can ship you Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds from EU to Italy.

Their Payment: Which payment they support? Credit card or Paypal? Does their site has Https for using credit card? like the

Their Return Policy: What’s their return policy? Can they support exchange or refund? Italiamods supports 1-year guarantee for Sky3ds card and other other products.

Their After-Sale Service: Is there any help after sky3ds arriving? Italiamods will email you the user guide for the latest Sky3ds card after order arrived.

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