Sublingual CBD For Quick Effects with Maximum Potency

Many people are still unaware of the term sublingual medication. It is an unusual and unnatural method according to most people. Now, you have been recommended sublingual cannabidiol administration, so want some basic guidelines on how to dose it.

What sublingual means?

In Latin sublingual means ‘under your tongue’. In the medical arena, it is a method where you place the medications under the tongue. It can be in different forms like a liquid, spray, film, or tablet. Patients on cardiovascular steroids or drugs are recommended sublingual method.

Why take cannabidiol sublingually?

CBD taken sublingually will speed the rate of absorption and even the potency level is achieved. When the liquid is dropped under the tongue, the absorption speed is quick because the cannabidiol gets rapidly absorbed through the mucous membrane. Under the tongue, you have a tissue with multiple capillaries that allows the substance to enter directly in your blood flow.

When you take it sublingually, high cannabidiol level gets absorbed, when compared to other oral methods like swallowing capsules or consuming edibles. It has to pass your digestive system, which can degrade the cannabidiol.

Your stomach path is filled with risks from a variety of enzymes, bile, and stomach acid. They pounce on and decrease the cannabidiol potency, as it is a chemical compound. Another risk is it has to get processed in your liver, which can change cannabidiol potency during metabolism.

Sublingual absorption time

When you use the sublingual method to take cannabidiol, it takes half an hour to show its effect. It lasts for 4 to 5 hours. It lasts longer because the chemical is absorbed via tissue as well as swallowed and processed via GI tract & stomach.

How to dose cannabidiol sublingually?

Sublingual bottles come with a dropper. Use it to drop the necessary amount of liquid under your tongue. Allow the liquid to rest in your mouth for a minute. Swish it around to allow the mouth tissue to absorb it. Allow it to rest under the tongue for some seconds before swallowing.

Many people don’t find cannabidiol taste favorable, but there are a lot of flavors available. You can choose an oil or alcohol base cannabidiol product. Both forms are used sublingually for the same reasons.

Sublingual dosage

The dosage will depend on factors like –

  • Bodyweight
  • Medical condition
  • Body chemistry
  • Metabolism
  • Age

You may feel intimidated to determine the number of drops to take. A standard dropper holds 20 drops, which is equal to 1ml of liquid. So check your dropper for the number of drops. If it gives 20 drops then you know it has 1ml cannabidiol liquid.

20 drops = 1ml

Divide the total mg on the bottle with its size in ml. You will find out the mg/ml. for example, if the bottle has 1000 mg and its size is 30 ml then –

1ml = 1000/30 or 33mg

If 33mg is your closest dosage recommendation then take one dropper full [20 drops].

Types of cannabidiol sublingual

Isolate [0% THC], full-spectrum [0.3% THC], and broad-spectrum [0% THC] are the types of cannabidiol oil available. Make sure to buy products that meet the legal criteria and offer lab test reports.

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