The advantages of online games

For many years, online sports have tied us to the monitor screens for hours, preventing us from tearing ourselves away from virtual reality. Moreover, the main difference between online games is not in the plot or quality, but in the fact that all actions take place in real time with almost real players.

Fashion surged on them in a high wave, the echoes of which we still feel. Lineage II, World of Warcraft, Mass Effect – these are just some of the most prominent representatives of individual time periods. In fact, a lot more online games have been created.

Online games are a unique opportunity to spend real money on a thing that does not exist in nature. Almost every self-respecting and not very server has its own donation rules, where prices are set by the administrator depending on their own audacity and popularity of the server. Naturally, its maintenance costs a certain amount, but often, the price of one unit of pumped weapons can quite keep the entire server on itself for about a month.

In online sport, a lot of attention is paid to the communication system. Chats will allow you to communicate only with certain players or all at once. Therefore, in chat rooms, players of different races / clans / alliances / groups will swear by word of mouth, preparing for a “real” battle.

The main disadvantage of such games is the main plus – the game in real time. If the Internet freezes or urgent matters do not allow you to end the siege, you have no chance to stop the game and continue it at a convenient time for yourself. Frequent server overloading also applies to this quality, especially in the evening and at night. This leads to a freeze in data loading, which is also very frustrating for the player who allocated a certain amount of time for entertainment.

In an online game, you, as in a role-playing game, can fulfill your specific role, which is not stated in the plot. However, during the game, personal choice is not too noticeable.

In general, online games are a simple way to distract for a short time from reality without leaving people. Communication, multiplied by magic and seasoned with war, is all that is needed for your leisure.

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