Immerse Yourself in Fantasy with HonorBound

Are you a lover of fantasy and adventure? Does the thought of going off on a virtual crusade against evil and darkness thrill you? Get ready for HonorBound, a new game by App Holdings. Its popularity and success continue to grow as more and more people from all over the world discover and play it.

The game holds to the original spirit of action-fantasy lore. There is something about this kind of game that many of us in the gaming world continue to love and adore. It may have something to do with the clear distinctions: there is good and there is evil; there are heroes and there are villains; there is clarity of purpose and nobility of mission; there is honor, solidarity, gallantry, and danger. All that seems absent in our present world is present in the best of fantasy games.

Playing HonorBound will give you a rest, a bit of a reprieve, from your troubles and allow you to set rid the realm of its namesake from the evil that has taken root in it.

Indeed, that is the scenario you are presented with at the beginning of the game. The once harmonious and peaceful world of HonorBound has been taken over by the forces of evil. It is up to you to use all the tools, both natural and supernatural, to free it from this menace and restore the quiet, calm, and balance that once reigned.

You will immediately be immersed in a magical and mystical world in which you will be forced to do battle with dragons, ogres, orcs, and the underwater undead.

At first blush, the game may seem like another iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and other such popular fantasy games. The big difference with HonorBound is the much improved quality of the characters, background, and special effects.

When you play a game, it should be an immersion experience. You want to feel as though there are real lives at stake and real consequences to action or inaction. HonorBound contains some of the best graphics that you will ever see in a fantasy games. The monsters are truly terrifying, the fire, wind, and rain are convincingly ominous, and the battle scenes are sharp enough to pull you completely into them and make you feel as though you must prevail or lose all that you have fought for.

HonorBound begins with choice. And you will have to go on making them throughout your adventure. You decide whether you are a warrior, a rogue, a wizard, a cleric, or a knight. You will then have the choice of allying yourself with hundreds of different heroes to form the ultimate battle force. You can recruit magical beasts, iron-clad maidens, and battle-hardened warriors to accompany you on your quest.

Fiery Terra, wild Primal, celestial Lunar, and pure Spirit are mystical elements that you may harness to help you in this endeavor. You can even call on the unknown Abyss to help rid yourself of baddies who stand in your way.

One of the prime features of HonorBound is the flexibility you have to customize both the composition of your hero squad and the strategy that you employ in the quest. You are allowed to constantly change, shuffle, swap out, and take other actions that are necessary to adapt to new conditions.

You can take on your enemies in epic battles, collect rare and precious gemstones and other loot, and use the latter to enhance the strength and effectiveness of your squad. You will also come across various bands, clans, and tribes. You can make alliances with them or get them to join your force and thus become even stronger as you take on one enemy after another.

HonorBound provides the following great features:

-It is free-to-play!

-The language spoken include English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese

-It provides you with thousands of different heroes to develop and ally yourself with

– It is SFX and music scored by Bobby Tahouri, the person responsible for the music heard in HBO’s Game of Thrones

-Many monthly PVE and PVP tournaments

Over 3 million people have downloaded HonorBound. It is one of the greatest gaming sensations now going. Download yours today and join in on the fun!

Download HonorBound for Android on the Google Play Store or iOS on the Apple App Store for free today!

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